About Me

As the Co-founder of MainWP and I have to confess I did not code or design the plugin. The truth is I am hack coder and my eye for design is iffy at best.

What I am great at is solving problems and then effectively communicating the solution to the coders and designers.

Honestly, I use to be ashamed to admit I didn’t code or design but “only” laid down the path for others to complete the task. MainWP

Then while trying to think of a way to explain what I do on a daily basis I came across this great quote:

“Understanding coders is more valuable than understanding code.”

~ Source Nick ‘Red’ Marsh @choosenick

That quote helped me to realize that my skill set is not something to apologize for. What I do is just as difficult as coding and designing.

Complex projects with many moving parts need someone who can coordinate and communicate with all the stakeholders: coders, designers, support and ultimately the customer. It can even be argued that the person who is able to tie them all together into one cohesive unit, all working towards the betterment of the software, may be the most valuable part.

So now I stand tall – I can’t code, I can’t design but if you need someone to put it all together then I’m your guy.