MainWP Version 4.3 Revealed

MainWP 4.3 Revealed

MainWP team has been working on MainWP 4.3, a relatively big release that includes many UI/UX improvements, added features such as client management, fixes, a new and intuitive way of managing plugins, themes, updates, and a lot more. Read more about MainWP 4.3 here!


MainWP - Cache-Control

In this video, I explain the Cache-Control feature and how it automatically clears your website cache for supported plugins and systems whenever a plugin and theme is updated.

Negative Search Function

MainWP - Negative Search

In this video, I review the Negative Search function added in MainWP 4.2. This new function allows you to search for Plugins or Themes that are NOT on a site.

Parent Theme Lock

MainWP - Parent Theme Lock

In this tutorial, I am explaining how this nifty update for MainWP 4.2 protects you from accidentally deleting a Parent theme when a child theme is actively using it, we call it the “parent theme lock”.

Install Themes by Upload

MainWP - Install Themes by Upload

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can easily install a new theme on all your WordPress websites from your MainWP Dashboard.